BJJ in houston

 I'm going to be staying in downtown houston, and am looking for a place to train. I'll definitely go to Draculino's which is like 30 minutes outside the downtown area, but is there any where else people recomend?

Revolution Dojo is awesome Phone Post

Thanks Josh!

I train at Revolution Dojo under Jeff Messina.

There are some really great guys on our team who will certainly provide you some quality rolls. In addition, they are nice and genuine people.

Come train!

If you're going to be in downtown Houston, I'd recommend Josh Hill. He's a blackbelt, cool guy, and well respected in Houston. His school is very near downtown.

Travis Tooke is an awesome guy with incredible jiu-jitsu. Phone Post

I used to train at Revolution Dojo with Jeff Messina. Excellent instructor. Travis Tooke is fantastic as well. If you're in the Katy area i'd go Revolution. Tomball area, Tooke. Woodlands area Gracie Barra... I am not too hip on the BJJ scene in south and downtown Houston unfortunately.

Oh and that Alvis Solis guy is pretty good too... :-)