bjj in Israel

Hey, does anyone know anything about bjj in Israel?

I know there's a school affiliated with Royce Gracie there, but I would like more information.

If anyone knows where I could find more info, that would be great.

jiu chick


Hi from Canada, we have BJJ here. For more info

I did a quick google and all I could find was the Royce Gracie affiliate. Try and find some Israeli martial arts message boards and ask them for some more contacts.

You could give the National Krav Maga Center in Los Angeles, they might be able to help out. I dunno, who or if they have it any longer, but I know Lowell Anderson used to teach a BJJ class there...


"but I know Lowell Anderson used to teach a BJJ class there..."Richard Bressler has taught the ground fighting classes there for a LONG time. He's a bjj black belt.

thanks for the help guys

Ok, I meant Richard Bressler.

Lowell and Richard were the two longtime Torrance brown belts, who finally left Torrance and got promoted (like '97?), I knew it was one of them!


Kra magra is big over there and they do some BJJ stuff