bjj in Israel

Hey, does anyone know anything about bjj in Israel?
I know there's a school affiliated with Royce Gracie there, but I would like more information.

If anyone knows where I could find more info, that would be great.

Thanks, jiu chick and prob. email the Israel rep.

Is mecca Vale Tudo in Israel?? ;)


I doubt it Justin, its probably near there though.

thanks mmafun :)

no problem, jiuchick ;)

I was over in Israel in March last year. I tried to locate some BJJ schools whilst there but was unsuccessful. I have a few contacts over there and will re-post if I come up with something.

juigirl gimme an email at i'll send u some details

If you speak Hebrew or Russian have a look at the website
- i don't speak Hebrew and I can only say swearwords in Russian so don't know much more about it - you could probably e-mail them in English though, most Israelis speak a bit.

Lemon, you have mail

Josh, I speak hebrew and that's actually the website i've been to, I'm just trying to see if there's any other schools.


josh205 - Thanks for the link. I wish I'd known about the site 10 months ago, oh well, better late than never. I'll be heading back there shortly and will check the school out when I get there.

Cisemek :-)

jiu chick i didnt get the mail. Resend.

LEMon, I just sent you another one, let me know if you get it! If not i'll give you my address