BJJ in Kennesaw Georgia

Moving to Georgia looking for a good bjj school to join?
Thanks in advance

Striker Fight Center
Gracie Barra

A few within driving distance of Kennesaw. There are more. Plenty of choices. Phone Post 3.0

Iron Clutch Fitness is a couple miles out in Marietta. Worth the 10 minute drive to train at a Roberto Traven affiliate. Phone Post 3.0

Or you can make the drive to Atlanta to train at his headquarters. Also worth the drive! Phone Post 3.0

Thanks guys! I will prob check them all out. Which one focuses most on straight bjj?

Coffey BJJ in Cartersville Phone Post 3.0

Thanks guys expect to see me soon.

FFTF_stuffadamdoes - Coffey BJJ in Cartersville Phone Post 3.0

My son had a wrestling tournament in cartersville and I stopped by for a Saturday class at coffee's. top notch instruction with a friendly atmosphere. Not sure how close they are to kennesaw but if you want a great school for BJJ, you won't go wrong with coffee's Phone Post

For BJJ -
Try Iron Clutch (Ethan is Awesome), X3 & Coffey see which one fits you best.