BJJ in Newport Beach, CA??

Just moved back home wondering if there were any schools around. I used to train at Morieras in Newport but i guess it isnt there anymore. Any help fellas?

Ken Gabrielson is somewhere in Orange County, probably pretty close. He is a Black Belt in BJJ under Relyson Gracie and very good teacher. He's also a full intructor in JKD, under Paul Vunak. Ken's a great guy and I recommend him highly. Call (714) 379-5429. I'm not sure if this is Ken's number or Earl Loucks, who is an instructor for Ken.

Gary Hughes

I know of a bunch of places for you to train around Newport Beach. Gracie Barra in Costa Mesa, Iha and Tiki in HB, Oyama in Tustin..... there are grips of places... I can keep going down a list of names.

Feel free to contact me

if you wanna roll, check out some schools... I'm down to cruise and show you some places. i gave you my email coz i aint posting my cell on the internet, so drop me an email and we'll get somethin rollin.

Juliano Prado's is at 1000 PCH, right behind Special Vehicle Concepts. Juliano is a good guy with very good technique, and would try to help you with your ju jitsu as much as possible. Also he's right in the heart of Newport, and that's where all of Team Oyama trains, so your bound to end up kicking it with some top MMA guys.

Tell him I sent ya

Jason MayheM Miller

I train with David Kama a Rickson black belt. He is a great guy. Very good instructor and our shcool is very good as well. 5 or so purple belts. We have fun and everyone is chill. NO F-ed up attitudes. We are in Irvine on Culver and Michelson at the Raquet Club Irvine. M,T,Th most Sat and Sun 7:30 to 9 pm. Cheap too.

Check us out.


I want to train in newport also so call me if anyone knows any gyms I would like to go to all of them I live in costa mesa now 808-779-7404 give me a call Iv been to todd medinas school and hes a supper cool guy and great instructor with a bunch of cool guys to train with its on 17th and newport blvd at mtrx gym

Thanks for all the responses guys, I really appreciate it!