BJJ in North Calgary?

A family friend in (North) Calgary, 13 years old, is interested in BJJ.

Any recommendations for a good, young-person friendly training place would be much appreciated.

In North Calgary I think your best bet would be BDB. They are on 32nd ave or so (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

That's the farthest north location that I know that is also legit.


We aren't in the north, but very easy to get to from the north if you take Deerfoot South to 17th AvenueSE

BJJ Fight Club
3515 17th Ave SE

Tel: 701 0237


Where do 13 year olds fit into the class structure?

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Fantastic gym.

I don't know if a 13-year old would be in the adult class or kids' class at BDB Martial Arts. It would be best to phone them (220-1426).

BDB would be an excellent choice for a young man wanting to learn BJJ

13 year olds are a toss-up. It depends on their physical attributes and their maturity level. My 12 year old daughter still goes to the kids class, but attends the odd adult class as well. My plan is to spend the next year weaning her off the kids class into the adults.

The only way to find a best fit for your 13 year old friend is for him/her to try a couple of adult/kids classes and go from there.


Mike Tyson was knocking out grown men at 13... as Alex says, depends on the kid.

If you have the BJJ equivalent of Mike Tyson, send him to Brazil!


Hey guys,

I will be visiting Calgary in November for a few days. Unfortunately, I wont be staying for so little that I wont be able to train. But if anybody could give me an idea of whats good to do on the weekend, I'd really appreciate it.

I dont want to hijack any more than I already have (sorry rene.r!), so you can reach me at Thanks!