BJJ in Poland?


Does anyone know of any geniune BJJ being taught in Poland?


BJJ is growing loads in Poland, and all major cities have people training, I believe most of them have browns, purples and blue belts under Soca, Macaco and Roy Harris. Ill be visiting the country in September and doing seminars in 10 cities.

Thanks Atalla & Boruta - much appreciated

Hey Zviggy.
Married into a Polish family and plan to head over in the next couple of years - hence the question as there was no signs of BJJ last time I was there (pre 2000). Yep I still call Australia home.

Zyczenia najlepsze,

Anyone know about a MMA event in Warsaw Poland September 10, 2005?


there sure is - I fought an Ivan drago look alike at the Amuary Bittete (sp) Tournament in LOndon Uk last year - they brough out quite a few guys too. They also competed in the sub wrestling comp. from warsaw, but cant give you which club they compete for though???


hmmm I may just have found the next country for me to go to!!!

I am an ESL teacher and just spent a year in Brazil and am currently in Russia (and not training!)

I'm in the hunt for my next placement - well not just yet, but in Sept or so, and if there's bjj I'm there!!

If anyone knows of English schools and hears of vancancies starting in the Sept, please let me know!

does anyone know of any big BJJ comps in Poland?

There is lots of BJJ in Poland now, this is an old thread but after coming back from Poland for the third time this week, I can tell you that any city, big or small has at least a small group training BJJ. I went to all parts of Poland and

, the capital city (Warszawa) has one good club called copacabana, and major cities like Lodz, Lublin, Wroclaw, Szcezin, Poznan, Katowice and many others have also clubs. BJJ is getting big in Poland and their level is really good as comparing to other countries in Europe.

Anyone wanting to train in Poland please email me (atallajiujitsu@hotmail) and I will forward your questions to someone in Poland that could give tips to the city you are going.

We have clubs training under my guidance in Wroclaw, Lublin, Gliwice, Dabrowa Gornicza, Lubliniec, Zaviercie and Krasnik, and I also have contacts for people in Szczecin, Warszawa, Lodz and other cities

In Warsaw are three good club. I don't know to much about Copacabana, but if you say its good, I belive. Another two is MMA Warszawa and Hunter. We have clubs in many citys. Most under Roy Harris in Bjj-Polska team (about twenty), some under Jorge Patino, Cadu, Nino, Boi, Draculinho, and, of cource, under Robero Atalla.