BJJ in Puerto Rico - Where?

I'm leaving for Puerto Rico (the caribbean one) tomorrow and was wondering if there's still BJJ in Puerto Rico.

I know there was a Behring school about two years ago and was wondering if its still there.

I'm going to be in the center of the island in the mountains but would like to know just in case i get a chance to go up to the cities.

Where exactly are you going to stay? The school is located at Carolina, just a couple of minutes from the airport. If you have a chance to train, just call to this phone: 787-462-1247. Thats the phone of Manny, the instructor of the academy. Im going to talk to him about expecting your call.

If you need anything else let me know.

Thanks for the number Vagabundo. I'll make sure to call if i get a chance to train. (bringing my gi just in case)

Problem with me is that i'm going to be staying in Utuado and 1) its a hike to Carolina, 2) i have to depend on family to take me places over there because its been so long since i lived in PR.

What is the training schedule for the school?

damn, Utuado.. nice and relax place.. too far from civilization hehe... anyway, we are going to train today 29 and tomorrow 30, and the next training is on saturday. The schedule is Mon - Thu and Saturday. anyway, if you have the chance come to train and if not, relax and enjoy the place man. Take care and happy new year.

Any other question this is my email:

Thanks for the info man.

I'm going to be there for 2 weeks so hopefully i can pull some strings to get me a ride to train. :)

The boys from Utuado held the Puerto Rican record for the largest robbery in May of 1997. $2.9 million dollars in May of 1997 out of a Brinks truck. Turned out to be an inside job and a theft instead of a robbery. The defendants turned out to be some of the nicest fellas I ever met . . . I saw them so much during the prosecution, we almost ended up on first name basis. . .
Funny, that I never made it to Utuado - I hear the ice cream is good . . . .

LOL - I didn't know us UtuadeƱos were such accomplished people... :)

A guy in Utuado also killed his wife (ex?) and all his kids...made the news here in the States it was such a horrible crime.. turns out he was related to my cousin's boyfriend... ughhh

Anyways, Utuado was the first town to have electricity in Puerto Rico, and Teddy Rosevelt also visited there back in the day...

Other than that, not much else exciting going on in there.

I don't know about the ice-cream there now, but back when i lived there, yes, it was very very good. Especially coconut.

Enjoy your trip. Good luck making it to Manny's school.