BJJ in Sacramento?

I'v been looking online for BJJ schools in Sacramento. I'v never trained in BJJ but have trained about three years of submission fighting, I would like to train without a gi but I'm not dead set against training with one. I'v come across three schools so I was hoping I could get some info on which has had the most success in BJJ/Grappling tournys and MMA.

Which Academy's students have done the best in non gi grappling events?

Has anybody trained at all three?

If so which did you feel gave the best instuction technique wise?

I'm not sure if the instructors @SacBjj Training Center are black belts. If not is that okay for teaching BJJ?

Here are the three schools I have found. I would appreciate any info and opinions on each academy.

Sacramento Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training center. (I'm not sure who they represent.)

Bruddas Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. (Charles Gracie Representatives.)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy of Sacramento. (Rickson Gracie Representatives.)

Thank you for any Info and Opinions

In Sacramento.... Cassio Werneck...


cassio werneck has a great team
if in san francisco check out MONSTER ISLAND

If you are interested in competitions, you would be best with the Cassio Werneck school (World Class JJ?). He has won a boatload just this year alone. Although I have not trained at his Sac school I am aware he trains his students to be good competitors.

Dave Terry (Rickson BB)is more focussed on learning traditional as he calls it "Rickson Gracie jiu-jitsu," as opposed to just "jiu-jitsu." He is not so much interested in no-gi or wrestling / cross training with different martial arts. Although, he is a judo guy as well. You will learn but he will not push you to do competitions. The school is small, and you can get 1:1 attention from "big Dave."

Just different styles - probably like Gracie Torrance and Machado Torrance. ("Pure water" vs competition / open mindedness to cross training)

My $0.02