BJJ in Salinas, CA?

I may be moving there very soon. Where is the nearest BJJ school?

claudio franca in santa cruz

El guapo that post already fell off the UG, would you mind reposting the info?

You're moving to Salinas? You have my sympathies, bro.

Claudio Franca in Santa Cruz ( is only about 20-25 minutes' drive if you drive like I do.

Yeah I might get a place in Monterey. It would still suck but I would be on the beach. Judging by the map you must drive like 100 miles an hour.

ttt for el guapo to see

Daniel Thomas is the man. He is often working on his own game up at Claudio's, but if you can get him to teach in Salinas do not miss the opportunity. He brings a great blend of technical precision/depth and physical attributes.

John Frankl

I thought I had a for sure job there and now it looks like its going to fall through. I swear I'm fucking cursed. Anyway, thanks for the help.