BJJ in San Fransisco?

I will be in San Fransisco for a few days during Christmas period (22Dec-26Dec), can anyone suggest a good BJJ club-instructor down there? I heard Ralph Gracie has a club there, does he personally teach? I am a white belt, I have been training for about 1 year.

Thank you in advance.

Kurt Osiander and Sapoa are the 2 BB instructors there. Call (415) 552-4777, they're at 178 Valencia Street.

We are now officially open at Monster Island MMA and we currently have two Blackbelts teaching and a whole lot of higher colored belts to train with.

Our head instructor is Clovis Silva. A 4th degree BB under Carlson Gracie. He has world titles in all levels and is a great teacher. He's also very athletic and extremely fast...and he will get your arm.

Our other resident BB is Sal Rizzo who was promoted by Clovis to BB at the behest of Carlson. He recently took 3rd in the Mundial.

check out our website at

There's not a whole lot of info up yet but the schedule will be up in a few days and you can email or call the school for rates etc.

or feel free to email me at with any questions you may have.

Doug Evans

apollon, what kind of training are you looking for? what style school?

I am looking for brazilian jiu jitsu style training with gi and definetely under the instructions of an experienced black belt (I have never trained under a black belt). My no-gi experience is very little, but if you have any recomendations for such a style, please let me know.
I am not interested in MMA or vale tudo style training.



i would not go to carley's school.

what i meant by my question was.. what kind of class size.. large or small? gi and gi-less? takedowns? throws? you looking for more colored belts or lower belts?

Is Carley still dating that psycho Ann?

yikes! i believe they are together.

some of the things i believe are important in a school arent present there. for example, things like large classes, plenty of colored belts, variety in training partners, new techniques, and black belt instruction are elements that are important to me. many of these elements were absent during my attendance of carley's school. things may have changed now though, and if you are satisfied with your experience there, more power to you. i do agree carley is a funny guy and has tremendous experience.

at another school.. that better provides what im looking for.

I used to train at Carley's and though I like the guy, his school is not good at all in my opinion. I really believe that the lack of quality is due to Ann. That certainly was the case while I was there. The lady is truly a nut job. The turnover rate there is incredible. This is no accident.

I too used to train at Carley's. The training was far less intense than other schools. He seems to treat his students well at first, but either he or Ann runs them out. She is unstable. She lost her mind once because someone bought her a toaster. She felt toasters were too personal for someone else to buy as a gift! I left after she berated the instructor in front of me. That was enough.

I train with Kurt at Ralph's. It is great. I have other friends who train with Charles and they love it there as well. I don't think that you could go wrong at either place, though I am biased towards Ralph's ;)

I will probably check out Kurt's school, from what I read he is an excellent competitor, he's won the Panamericans open black belt masters division (defeated Cleber Luciano). Probably he'll be just as good as an instructor.

at ralphs school in san francisco there are at least 2 blackbelts on the mat teaching and browns. I have seen as many as 6 blackbelts there! Not including ralph who comes in as well. tought to beat

There are some zoning issues to overcome in Berkeley. Keep checking the website or here for updates.

ive heard great things about kurt as an instructor.

kurt's an awesome competitor and instructor. he continues to compete against the young guys even though he could easily be mopping it up in the seniors divisions.

Kurt is an awesome instructor to train with, always willing to explain the in's and out's of a move and and give suggestions on your game. He's also one of the loudest and funniest guys in the studio IMHO a great instructor and friend.

"kurt also got beat like 25-0 at the US Open. but ive heard great
things about him as an instructor"

Against Marcio Corletta, black belt champion of the super heavies.
Kurt gave up a minimum of fifty pounds in that match.