Bjj in South Korea?

There was a thread awhile back from some guys training or looking to train in S. Korea. I'm headed there this summer and need some help finding a place to train. Thanks guys



There is really only one decent place to train in Seoul. Contact Heesung Lee at or Steve Capener at for information. These guys are both solid purple belts who have been training steadily for over five years. Heesung runs a full time academy in Ahyon-dong, near Yonsei University.

OTOH, you will also find a Carlos Gracie Jr. rep. with a black belt, BUT he is a white belt and PURCHASED his black belt and affiliation. Yes, you read correctly. Furthermore, he NEVER spars, even with his own students, so he will never get beyond white belt level.

Good luck,


Thanks John! Your help is VERY VERY appreciated. Now I actually look forward to going to S.Korea.

Do you by chance know who gave them their purple belts?