BJJ in Taipei Taiwan??

I have a student travelling to Taipei very soon. They are looking for a no-gi BJJ school there to train for 2 weeks

Does anyone know of such a place?

Please email me asap with all info

Thanks in advance

-Jeff Miller

Planet Jiu-Jitsu


There is indeed a BJJ school in Taipei, run by Andy Wang. Next month they're holding the 1st Asia Pacific BJJ tournament.

Is there a website for the school that Andy is running..or an email address perhaps? (sorry, had to dig it up)

thank you Jeff, I'll see you guys in two weeks.. I promise I won't bring back sars.
-Patti Lee

No please do!

Andy's got a place here in taipei. your more than welcome to come and train with us. I'll post up the address as well as a contact number for ya later on, that is if Sean or Andy hasn't beaten me to it.



Andy Wang has mad skills, anyone is well off training there.


Thanks for your help

I will be sure to post how the experience was when they return

This is what the forum should be about


the website isn't up yet.. however, we do have a temp. message
board..with some basic info on there.
we are always glad to have guys visit and train. Our tournament is on
the 15th of may with guys from all over the place. Maybe the guys are
interested in competing. Plus we have a very special guest for a
seminar the day after.


The Taipei Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy

1st Floor, No. 8

Alley 3, Lane 251,

ChungHsiao E. Rd, Sec. 3

Taipei City, TAIWAN

Here's the address as promised. Swing on by when your in town, takecare.

Bruce ~

any email address?

Don't send Patti here again; she heel-hooked me. ;-)

How is the training going over there Patti?? Hope all is well

Just got back from my stay in Norway..hope u make it back in time for the Mass Deastruction event this saturday