BJJ in Tokyo

I'll be in Tokyo for three days. Where do all of you recommend training?

Thanks in advance,


Gi or NoGi?

Depends on where you are going to be based too, Tokyo's a pretty big place, with a LOT of grappling gyms...


Contact my friend Max Masuzawa at max has a bjj school and he trains with some of the top black belts in japan. he can definitely help you with finding the best places to train.

Contact me at if you need more info.

have a good time there.

I'd visit Kodokan, the mother ship. Just to soak up the history. Who knows, they might even have some newaza classes.

Max is a good guy to train with- plus he speaks English.

Acai is correct.

"I'll be in Tokyo for three days. Where do all of you recommend training?"

Three days ? :)
I recommend training your karaoke while you're there.

Paraestra Tokyo.

Shin-egota station.

Do it.

Axis is a great place. Taka teaches in english as well. All the students there are friendly, and the overall environment is great. A good balance of guys to roll with too!

If you get a chance, stop by and visit Neto Japan on Yokota Air Base. Should be a great time as well.


Omiya is cool too. They have yellow belts that will try to give you a run..