BJJ in Vancouver, Washington???

Moving to Vancouver, Washington and would like to do BJJ in town without heading too far into Portland or not into Portland at all. Suggestions?

Maves Martial Arts on Ward Road and 4th Plain Orchards/Sifton area. Mister Maves also teaches BJJ at Clark College as well. Decent instructor.

Progressive Jiu Jitsu on the corner of 4th plain and Covington Road right next to the Jim Morrison/whatever hippy Mural Painting on the wall. Rickson Gracie Black Belt Trevor Burnell. Good Instructor i enjoyed his classes.

Gladiator MMA in Westfield Town ShoppingCenter/ Vancouver Mall. unknown instructor but i am fixing to take an hour private sometime soon.

Flores Fitness. word of mouth is pretty decent.

a couple more than slip my mind.

i know Renzo Gracie is opening up a portland location sometime in the near future.


Zachary Abernathy

Thanks for the info.

I hear great things about Trevor Burnell.

I also found a school in north portland, Bridgetown BJJ? Rex Payne, website says he was a purple belt under Robson Moura, and is a Brown Belt under Rigan Machado. (Forgive any mis spellings).