BJJ in Vancouver?

Well, I haven't trained in forever, so I might as well do something new ;o)

I understand that Soares (sp?) is in Vancouver. Is he close to downtown? What else is there?


(probably moving next month)

Prof Soares is in East Van along with Denis Kang. Located on Commercial St. at the Gold Lion Muay Thai studio. Downtown there is Cocoon Athletics - Tim Shears. BJJ, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Yoga, weights etc. Lots of good training to be had in Vancity. Check out all clubs when you get too town. Lots of environments that offer great training.

Post on the canadian forum under international forums. They will give you details on the Vancouver scene.

I train with Denis Kang and Marcus Soares, so those are my obvious top picks. That being said, there are a lot of good schools around. Check out for websites of most of the Lower Mainland schools.

thanks guys