BJJ in Washington DC area

Any suggestion's on BJJ academy's around the Washington DC area? I will be visiting the capital within the next month or two and was wondering about place's to train at?

Yamasaki Academy

Oh yeah, them too :-)

Irvin and Yamasaki are the 2 big dogs in the area. Lots of good training in DC!

Instructor is Tony Passos, a Black Belt Under De La Riva.

ttt for Tony and Team DLR

ttt for Dave Jacobs!

We visited Yamasaki's last month while on TDY teaching a Combatives Course in DC and had a great time.

Thanks gentlemen! I appreciate the help.

I know it's not close to DC but has anyone been to the place in Frederick MD? I almost stopped in last time we were visiting my wife's aunt.

I can't remember the name of it.

Yamasaki has a Frederick, MD location.  Was that it?


No it wasn't but that is good to know!!!! I don't even know if they were Bjj to be honest...they just advertised grappling...and I think there were some religious overtones.

TPK aka the Rabbi of BJJ...

shampoo bottle = kosher.