BJJ in Worcester,Ma

Hey guys,I would like to share with all of you my happynes opening a new school of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I went to worcester again today and I had the same impression that I had the first time that I went to there. The Jwesh Community center is a fantastic place!!!One of the best place that i've ever seen. The facilities are so beautyful and is located in nice neighboorhood. I am very exited to start and i will be more than happy to see you there ! I got a few emails asking if i will be there or any of my studants will teach. I would like to say that all of my classes I teach personal,so for sure I will share the mat with you,ok? We will offer to everybody one week for free to try it ,so feel free to stop by any time. The grand oppening will be december first. Marco Alvan

December 1st was a great night for BJJ in Worcester!
We had the first class at new school and 10 guys atended the class,wonderfull!!!
If you are around and would like to visit us,feel free to stop by any time for a free class,ok?
If you need extra information please visit my web site or email me,ok?
Thanks,and hope see you soon on the mat.
Marco Alvan

Marco, Congratulations on opening the school. It is a great contribution to the Metro West area.