BJJ instructors how many if your students passed

Passed you up in training, meaning they are just better than you and tap you more than you tap them.

It seems like it's still rare, but not as rare as it used to be.

This seems to be a problem with BJJ. Why wouldn't students eventually surpass their instructor? Shouldn't that be the goal of every true teacher? There is probably no other educational or sports related process that is like this. Could you imagine any coach not interested in making their players better than they may be themselves? How about an academic related teacher who never has students achieve greater success than themselves.
Part of this problem is also with the student. Students love to tell others how their instructor always dominates them when they roll - and if the student ever taps the instructor; somehow he loses his value as a teacher. Generally, I think students only want to train with those who can beat them as opposed to training with those who can teach them to continue to be better.

This is a very valid opinion that I agree with.

Wrestling - there are always athletes that get better then the coach

Boxing - the same

Karate even is the same

Judo - the same

So no reason for it to not be similar in BJJ. I think now that the sport is growing even more, we are going to see lower rank students performing better then their coaches.

The other thing that separates BJJ from other sports is that it is more common for the teacher to train with the student. You don't see that much with others. Phone Post 3.0

However even it the student taps the coach more, that doesn't take away from the fact that the coach still has more technical knowledge Phone Post 3.0


yeah...I think an analogy that makes things a little more obvious is other professional athletes who have coaches... Tiger Woods, MLB batting coaches, a lot of NFL head coaches and positional coaches were never that great of players themselves.

I'm a lot smaller than all of my students, so I wouldn't be surprised if a number of them could get the better of me if they went at it competition I frequently teach classes with students who have more bjj experience than me....multi striped BBs and I also taught classes that had BBs before I was a BB.

a student can definitely surpass his instructor not just in taps but also in technical knowledge Phone Post 3.0

This is almost the sole purpose of my instructors' teaching - for their students to one day surpass them.

I'm not a head coach, but as an teacher/instructor, my goal is to make my students better than myself, especially the young ones - look forward to having them whup me in the near future!

You should train them to "kill the master" , mine does.

I train every one of my students to better than I am.

I try to be moving target however.

If you can't coach your students to get better than you, you suck as a coach.

Answer the question, how many of your students are better than you?

2 Phone Post 3.0

I remember in a seminar once with marcio corleta him telling us the first time he was submitted by fabricio werdum he was proud. I still don't think werdum was better than him in sport bjj but still cool to hear.

Side note. I rolled with corleta that day and he beat me without using his hands at all.

Leo Viera just posed the other day that he was tapped twice in 5 min by his students when they were going all out. He was saying he was happy about it.

shen - 

Leo Viera just posed the other day that he was tapped twice in 5 min by his students when they were going all out. He was saying he was happy about it.

Some monsters at checkmat!

it should be the instructors goal to make thier students better then them

0 currently but only because I had such a huge jump on them all training. If all the ones training with me stick with it (who knows right?) I could honestly see 4-5 being better than me in about 3-4 years at this rate.


I actually had one student who was a borderline phenom --trained constantly. After just a few years, he was very close to me in terms of skill. He almost tapped me twice when we were going "all out". I knew at the rate he was improving, he was going to better than me in just a matter of months.

Sadly, one night after a class where he held me on my back for 4 min straight, some whack job in a ski mask  hit him in the knees, repeatedly, with a cement filled pipe, just as he was getting out of his car. Shattered both his knees. He had to give up jiu jitsu permanently. Never found the perp.

Oh, well.

very sad shen. such is life.