BJJ instructors how many if your students passed

SpiderRicco - very sad shen. such is life.

Yeah. Luckily I happened to show up just after it happened. Must have just missed the guy.


I have a few guys that have been with me over 10-15 years that can deff beet me up. I can beet them but they can beet me. They know my game and are 10 15 years younger than me They train 4-5 times a week,and always have.I try but I am closing in on 50 and it gets tough sometimes. They are great people and always have my back. I probably no more but they are very good. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Totally agree!Gumby on point!I want my students to pass the knowledge to their kids.I've been blessed and have taught 1000's since 1990.Majority of my students have become Blackbelts in Life !