BJJ is better than Judo....

Maybe, but you had better give me your gfs # just incase. lol

Quit hijacking my pseudo-troll thread! Bastids.


Ashy, well, okay.. but condoms will most certainly be a necessary provision with her... at least, nowadays they are.

Where is this thread going?

"Where is this thread going?"

I don't know exactly, but I'd be careful to check content before embedding any videos if I were you.

I wonder if Punk Dobbs is related to JR Bob Dobbs.

And come on Mr. Pastasafarian, everyone knows Judo is the most Discordian of Martial Arts:)

bottom line, judo rules , bjj fagits are wannabe judoka who never will be,

GV = correct. =)

hi Q. lol

I cant be bjj, because a chicken cant be without an egg, or something like that, anyway, fuck off judo rulez!