BJJ is not Judo


Do you Judokas now get it?

Can you now see it?

I just came back from training with the local University Judo club...

TH - Glad you are back safely, now go away.

LT, Anyone who bases their beliefs on a single MMA match isnt a very firm believer..I dont think people who truely believe something are so easily swayed. But who knows..

TTT for you.

youre right.

one is well known, respected and practiced around the world, the other one is just a rip-off trying to make money out of easy to brainwash little kids.

Well do you want to know how the training went with those black and brown belt judokas?

feel free to tell, But i dont judge a sport on a few black or brown belts.

Well do you want to know how the training went with those black and brown belt judokas?
Have you ever asked me about my training? No?
Why would I care about yours?

You need to find another trick, pony.

Sorry you are wrong

My personal opinion, respectfully submitted, is that BJJ and Judo are very close cousins, and are both excellent representatives of Jiu-Jitsu. They share a common heritage and share many of the same techniques.

As a black belt in BJJ, I value the flexibility of our art, but I wish we retained some of the traditional values of Judo. For example, clean gis, clean tatame, sportsmanship, more referee training and more respect given during matches to the referees.

Practioners of BJJ who are disrespectful of Judo would do well to remember that Esai Maeda, or Count Koma, was awarded his black belt by Jiguro Kano, the founder of Judo. Although Maeda had studied under other masters, our debt to Judo and ancestry from Judo is clear. Maeda, of course, taught Carlos, who taught Helio, etc, etc.

Quite frankly, the two sports complement each other. I find it gratifying that some form of Jiu-Jitsu has representation in the olympics. Top-level Judo is a beautiful sport to watch, and is a good representation of Jiu-Jitsu principles. Yes, it is painful for a BJJ practioner to see someone turn their back deliberately - but every sport has its own rules and strategies that may create bad habits. Stalling and holding became so fashionable in BJJ that they had to invent advantage points. Even in "no rules" fighting there are some rules and a referee.

I have no doubt that an olympic level judoka could compete very effectively in the BJJ World Tournament once the rules were explained and illustrated. I also have no doubt that a top level BJJ player would give the olympic judoka wonderful competition in a no points, no ippon style match, or under BJJ rules.

BJJ produces brave fighters, but so does Judo. There is also much to admire in spirit of and tradition of Judo.

I should mention that I hold no rank in Judo, but that I do admire the sport and its practioners.

Just my opinion.

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billmurphy has caughtthe correct on all accounts.