BJJ Lineage Black Belts

Found this pretty has a lineage black belt chart on thier site that shows all the black belts in Bjj and who they got thier BB from.

Scroll down to the Acadamey links and you'll find it.

I was looking at that and was surprised to see that Arona and the Mino brothers all got their black belts from Busta.

actually that list isnt complete I dont think

I think it was finished yesterday so it should be pretty acurate.

Are all BJJ BB's members of the Org.?

thaqt list has been up for years and I noticed a few names not on there. let me go check it out for some examples.

okay I found 2 pretty quickly. Leo is listed nowhere on

apericido farias got his blackbelt maybe a year or two ago, and is on the gracie barra black belt team website. but he is still listed as a brown on

huh - go figure, i read somewhere on that site that they just posted or re-did that list dated 2-23-04.

I know that Greg Nelson got his BB from Sauer within the last year or so and he is listed so it cant be too old.

I couldn't find my name under the Blue Belt section. ;)

They updated the site when I sent them an e-mail with info about checking out Javier Vazquez getting his black belt. I got an e-mail back a coupule of days later, and I checked and saw that the changes had been made.