BJJ london, paris, Italy, germany?

I am planning a trip through Europe and hope to do some BJJ. Anyone know of BJJ gyms near these cities? This is my schedule!

Dec.20 - Dec. 22 London Dec. 22 Train: Waterloo, London 06:29AM to Lille Europe, France 09:18AM

Dec.22 - Dec.24 Lille, France

Dec.24 Train: Lille Flandres, France 06:00AM to Paris Nord, France 7:04AM

Dec.24 - Dec.26 Paris, France

Dec.26 Fly: Paris Beauvais, France 17:45PM to Rome Ciampino, Italy 19:40PM

Dec.26 - Dec. 30 Rome, Italy

Dec.30 Fly: Rome Ciampino, Italy 8:35AM to Frankfurt, Germany 10:25AM

Dec.30 - Jan.1 Frankfurt, Germany

Jan.1 Fly: Frankfurt, Germany 14:15PM to Stansted, London 14:30PM

Jan.1 - Jan.2 London

There's a few clubs in London which are very good, 1 in Lille and a few in Paris too.

for London stick a post on SFUK
For Paris and Lille check out


I wonder if they are going to train on Dec.22-26?


i will be in germany from the 20-28 and i wanted to know the same thing

dunc, where in Germany?

try they should be able to help you



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