BJJ Matches or "Fights"?

Anybody else get annoyed at people calling BJJ matches "Fights"?

I'm a die hard BJJ guy but I've always felt they should be called matches.

Yes, I know you can get hurt and yes I know the goal is to submit your opponent.

That being said, it always has annoyed me when people say "fights". Reminds me of that white or blue belt who thinks he's the UFC champ because he can do a closed guard armbar. Phone Post 3.0

I don't know, If I get into a street altercation and throw zero punches but yet use all bjj is it not a fight ? Phone Post 3.0

Gaspare, yes in that sense it is.

I'm referring to tournament matches. Phone Post 3.0

I can think of more important things to worry about.

I mean, Id lean towards match but if you don't tap you can die/break a bone but still Phone Post 3.0

I fight for grips, I fight for the takedown, I fight for the pass, I fight for the sweep, I fight for angles, a fight for position, I fight for submission.....

At the end of the day, call it what you want Phone Post 3.0

I'm assuming some are critical of people calling a BJJ match a fight because they're isn't any striking.

By that logic is a boxing match not a fight because there isn't any ground grappling?

I see no problem with referring to any combat sports match as a fight. Phone Post 3.0

They are matches. Its people trying to hold onto the vale tudo roots for ego who insist on it being called "fights". Hell bjj is the only grappling art that does this, its just about hanging onto the past for those that really were putting it on the line. Hell I am a black belt and will call them matches till I die.

I'm a black belt too and will call them fights :-D

I've also boxed, done full contact karate, and fought mma.

I don't like when people call BJJ mma though... Phone Post 3.0

Boxing matches are called fights even though theyre limited to only punches. I think any kind of combat sport that can be applied in a physical contest like boxing and bjj shouldn't have a problem being called a fight.

The BBC stream of the Olympics calls them 'fights' in judo
Not sure how judoka refer to them generally Phone Post 3.0

JZilla - The BBC stream of the Olympics calls them 'fights' in judo
Not sure how judoka refer to them generally Phone Post 3.0

we call them matches generally

they are just as much fights as a boxing match is, so it's fine to call them fights or not. they fulfill the dictionary definition of fight as well afaik.

Depends on rules, is it Gi, No Gi or No Gi ALL-GAY!!!!!

its a match

If the word fight slips it's no big deal. Some people though intentionally use the word fight to completely inflate their own egos Phone Post 3.0

I remember training with a black belt who couldn't win any matches at high level tournaments but always referred to his losses as fights. He trained with a couple of world champions so I wonder if that made him feel tough and called them fights. Phone Post 3.0

Unless you can get your lights put out by a strike, its a match. Imo anyway. No way around it, its less dangerous than when getting hit. Boxing, to me, is a fight. Phone Post 3.0

We're gonna have to agree to disagree then. I've fought pro mma and competed at major bjj tourneys. To me, both competitions fit my criteria for a "fight" Phone Post 3.0

Are u called a bjj fighter or bjj player? Phone Post 3.0