BJJ @ Metro Fight Club - Feb 10th

Click Here for info!Metro Fight Club740 PackerdAnn Arbor, Michigan

Metro Fight Club

Would also like to add that current MFC guys interested in training BJJ also, can now train 6 days week for $70.00 a month!! If you do not take BJJ, it is the usual $50.00 per for submission, mma and judo..

Boxing Classes to start soon as well, will keep you all posted on them!


We live and will die for this shit!

7 purple belts.

1 nationally ranked Muay Thai fighter.

1 Golden Gloves winning Boxing coach.

2 former FZ beltholders.

4 regular FZ fighters.

What do they all have in common?


"What do they all have in common?"

They can all kick your ass? HAHA...J/K...

Anyway hope to see all of you guys in class..

TTT for MFC and for the new BJJ class!

Great news best of luck to you guys.I look forward to visiting again hopefully soon.

Sunday would be a great day if you can make it DR1, we will have the bouchards and the rest of the droogs rollin'..On the week days Chesher, Jon and I are always there..

for a nice boxing setup.

5100 Schaefer Road, Dearborn, MI 48126


I should have made it so only pro members could respond..


Hey Stephenie, Why did you ambush Q's thread?

Its awesome having the Mighty Quinn in the house.


start your own post.

and get a blue name, you cheap bastard.

im glad to be part of the METRO FIGHT CLUB!!! a team that dont put you out,or blow you off when you lose...and dont try to take credit for others hard work!! classes will be very technically orentated....i also have some big names that will be poping in from time to time to help out the class...

hope to see you all there!!!

Cool Quinn: It was cool when you popped down on the east side for the beginners thing I run, I hope to bring down some of the better peeps regularly down there.

hey kai-i will be there more often to!! lets get a real team together!! i want all of you guys on one team!!!

Quinn: Hey, I've always looked at the east side project as part of Metro, Marie might not like that, but half of them: The big wrestler, me and another have done Metro before.

I just gotta get my finances straight, everything went to shit in the last month. Credit Card Fraud, 600 dollar Car repair, massive bills the whole nine yards.

i hear ya! i lost my job8o( layoffs....but i have some extra time if you all want to do more classes?? or privates....

i want marie on my team 4 sure....she is a great talent...and i love to watch new guys roll with her!! the look of holly shit on there face as shes kickin there ass!!haha.....

i think with the level of dedication at the metro....we will be the place to train!!

there are big things in the works....


It's not your program at my school, it's mine. You help out teaching and you have a class going on Wednesday's for extra mat time for the one guy that can't make it on Monday nights. Also cause I am at other school's training. I started the whole grappling at the Ukiyo years ago. Im the one in charge of the whole thing, not you.

As far as "the eastside project" being part of Metro ...... nadda chance! (No disrespect intended towards Metro) What it is is a grappling program that I started way before I started with Metro and is still continueing even though I am no longer with Metro. You bring guys down to roll and that's cool, but don't think that your guys are the ones keeping the doors open. There are other's in the class and that class would be running even if there was only 2 people in class. Those doors have never and will never be in danger of closing. There's so much keeping them open. It's a place that is cheep to roll and anyone can come in to to get a workout and roll. So no, it's not what "you run" and it's not a "Metro eastside project". It's a place I run and it's the Ukiyo Dojo/grappling class.

StepnenL, your all about and nothing more of the KRONK GYM. Seems like your the one always trying to recruit people to come and train there ..... Give it a rest! No one wants to train there! And if they did, don't you think they already would be??

Good luck to Quinn and his new class at Metro. I know know matter what, he loves to teach and he's good at it!

Marie Colangelo


good luck to MFC! Q, send me your bio again, i lost it. sorry.

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Yeah, no doubt the Metro is fortunate to have Quinn on board. I'm pumped about it. I look at it like Quinn is not just running a class at the Metro but is the Metro just like every other droog. Quinn is a good dude with a competitor's heart and the Metro is much stronger with him in every way.