BJJ @ MFC Starting Feb 10

TTT Quinn ........ Just have fun and do your own thing. Step out of the drama cause I kow it's killing you inside. Who cares what others think. As long as your back on the mats, who gives a damn

well said.

im sorry that i offended you just so hurt...i feel like i lost all ive ever wanted....


The guys at Metro are very lucky to have you! I am sure you will do a great Job!

Best of luck,


Awww .... ***sheds a tear*** lol ... glad you guys can finally talk again!!!

ttt! :0P

why do michigan guys always argue with eachother? :)

We are all very passionate about what we do and take it very seriously..sometimes too seriously.

cause where all related in on way or another :0D

It is like sibling rivalry, but if someone outside of the pack picks a fight, we will gang you like a pack of wolves.

All of us have the basically the same roots, and like each other. But I know that as far as fighting and teaching, we all respect each other!


True Dat!


Well i met many of u guys and its always kinda surprising to see u guys arguing online b/c all of u who ive met are class acts in person.

latinthunder-its becuz even the best of us fuck up at some point!!

I never fuck up. To "fuck up" suggests you have done something right in which to compare it to. I am free of such burden, as I never do anything right:)

Lol @ MM. You have done plenty right in your life droog.