bjj/mma in manhattan, ks???

do any of you guys live in manhattan, ks or anywhere near here? i wanna train really bad in bjj/mma, boxing, muay thai anything. i remember member floslo saying there was a purple belt or something moving here this summer. so if you guys could help a bro out, that would be cool. thanks al

I know that I am a few hours away but I am plannig weekend trips to a few of the smaller Cities in my area within the next few weeks. I can include Manhattan if you wold like. Shoot me an email at or call me at 816.694.3313. Check out the website at

cool shit. are u just doing seminars and stuff? man i wish i had someone to train with.


being that a major university is right there, you should be able to find some boxing or kickboxing around... you may even be able to find some bjj, judo, wrestling, etc.... check on campus

I will be setting up regular times to coe by so that there is some air of consistancy. I will come and do maybe 3-4 hours of Boxing, Muay Thai, and Jiu-jitsu and go from there. Shoot me an email and we can talk about location and training area. I have something set up in Marshal, Mo. already where i will be renting a room through their college and another class at the YMCA which i am in proces of setting up now. Anything is possible, shoot me an email -

Major university??? Manhattan??? The ONLY major university in Kansas is in Lawrence!!!

On a side note, there was a guy I trained with about 5-6 years ago that had a bjj school in Manhattan. Ican't even remember his name now, I'll try to look him up.

imo k-state is a major university. wildcat football baby. but that's besides the point, there is an aikido class and judo class. i thought about judo but never got around to it. i really really wanna learn some boxing or muay thai. i'm just starting to hit the bag at the rec but it would be great if i knew some punching technique. thanks guys

shoot me an email or call me at the number above.


There is a Gracie Barra purple belt in Manhattan. He is planning to start a club this fall. He is a very nice guy and a good instructor. I know a judo brown belt who is wanting a training partner for mma and kali. He will also be attending the jiu-jitsu class. If you make a thread on the BJJ forum and leave your e-mail address, I will pass it on to these guys and they will contact you. Good luck.

The purple belt Eel speaks (kcbjj on the forum) is a very knowledgable grappler and earned his purple through alot of hard work and dedication. I don't know of his plans to open a club so I can't speak for that but I can say that if he does open club you should go train.

I was in Manhattan Kansas a while back and there was like a zillion karate schools around that area......but didn't see anything else

Sweet!! thanks fellas.

the funny and ironic thing was i was just coming on today to post a thread about the same thing in the same place.. actually i will be stationed at FT RILEY and i wanted to know if there was anything around the area.. i guess i found out someone fill me in! i will be there in a few weeks need to train..

by the way my e-mail is

Sak-fu and nova1,

I'm living in Manhattan now and I'm the GB purple belt being referred to on this thread. I am planning on starting something here, either a club or just a few guys who want to learn and roll.

My e-mail addy is Drop me a note when you get a chance and we'll try to get started. I had back surgery in June, so I will not be able to roll for another month or two and possibly longer. I hope to hear from you guys.

Andy Wefald


You have mail.

The Carlao Barreto - Brazilian Top Team seminar is getting close to being full - may enlarge the original alotted number of people. Keep calling (816.694.3313) or emailing ( to reserve your spot. To get more info go to