BJJ @ MSU_Lansing

We are working to put together a BJJ team at Michigan State University, if your interested please contact or

We are putting things together at this point, and trying to get an idea how many people would like to train. Things like cost, and location are still being set, and somewhat depends on the # of people that show up.

This will be apart of team Jorge Gurgel with Brown belt Clint Crabtree ( running classes.

Thanks for the bump!!!!!

I remember Kyle Cooley wanted to get something like this happening. Contact him and ttt for Team Jorge Gurgel.

Who would be teaching?

This will be apart of Team Jorge Gurgel with brown belt Clint Crabtree ( running

Clint ur the man for spreading BJJ through west michigan!

Hey Maximus, give me an email. I'm a junior at State right now and train with a bunch of guys.


Thanks Tony, looks like I'm all set for the Pan-Ams, I'll give you a call soon!!! See ya soon!

Will Rashad Evans train there ? I think he trains nearby.

Rashad is welcome to train there,,however I don't think he would be too interested in wearing a gi!! I know the last time Jorge came to Grand Rapids, a couple of guys that train with Rashad stopped in for the seminar...they were all really cool guys!!!

Sam Wells is welcome too! Same thing with him though..I'm not too sure how much interest he has of the gi...but for sure, everyone is welcome to come in and train!!!


Nice logo.

Sure is...gotta find out who made that!!!!!Get it on a shirt or something!!!


You should should sanction your club through the ISWA.


ISWA Club Benefits

-Secondary medical insurance for all club members and coachs.
-Liability insurance for all club directors/coaches.
-one free coaches card per every 10 registered club members.
-Reduced tournament entry fee for clubs of 10 or more.
-Access to Team/Club Competitions.
-Access to International Club Exchange Programs



when and where?

I live in okemos and I am an MSU alum, who will this be open to?

ttt 4 Clint Crabtree Tshirts!!

Hey boys lets keep this at the top for few weeks!
Go C R A B T R E E!!