BJJ near Biloxi Mississippi

Hey all, I am attending an Air Force Training School at Keesler AFB in Biloxi. Anyone know of any good reputable BJJ schools in the area?

I teach a basic gi class at Dixons Dungeon on monday and wednesday at 6 the gym is right beside the base. Iam a purple belt under Allen Hopkins if you are looking for a black belt to train with hattiesburg is the closest place at Gracie Jiujitsu of Ms under allen who is a Pedro Sauer black belt his website is

Isn't Belcher down there somewhere?

Allen is awesome. When Pedro comes to Atlanta, he'll come in sometimes. Cool guy and freaking awesome on the mats.

Allen is about to have his summer camp. Try to make it.

Jul 25-27 GJJMS GJJMS will be hosting a summer camp. There will be between 8-10 black belts from Salt Lake plus a special guest instructor.

yea the summer camp will be in west monroe la at his affiliate school there and i cant say who the suprise instructor is gunna be all i can say is you dont want to miss it