BJJ near peekskill

are there any schools near peekskill NY?

Hudson Valley Jiu-Jitsu


pic test

Best place to train in the Hudson Valley, imo.

If it is the same place I went to that was in Hopewell I would go if I was you. I went during lunch one day and got tapped all up. Iat that time I havent rolled in over a year and a half but was ugly. As soon as I get it into my schdle I will be going back 3 nights a week.

I would try to use the school locator on the home page. Thats how I found Kip's school when I first started out years ago.

Brian's a very high level competitor but also very educated and a good person. he's a brown under rob kahn(royce bb) and very impressive competition record.

check the place out. it's a no brainer.