BJJ near Thousand Oaks, CA

Any recommendations on BJJ schools near Thousand Oaks, CA? Will be there around Thanksgiving, thanks!

  • Fabio Leopoldo has a school in TO
  • Elite MMA in Westlake Village
  • Street Sports Agoura Hills/ Agoura Boxing
  • If you want to drive 25 min, there's my gym in Simi Valley (Street Sports Simi Valley). I'll be having a Thanksgiving open mat in the AM


I've dropped in at Elite MMA for some open mats. Good group of guys. Welcoming with some good hard rolls.

Thanksgiving open mat sounds good, I'll hit you up on Facebook

Paragon Thousand Oaks should be open by then.

Jean Jacques Machado it's 20 mins away in Tarzana Phone Post 3.0

Wings&Things - Paragon Thousand Oaks should be open by then.

Nice, are they making another go of it? I've dropped in at Paragon Agoura Hills when Bill Cooper was teaching. Who's going to be running the academy, and where will it be located?

I'm not sure who's gonna be the head instructor (I'll ask), but Franjinha and crew have been doing a lot of work there. The mats are being delivered tomorrow.

Paragon Thousand Oaks
2341 Michael Drive
Thousand Oaks, California 91320
(805) 807-8687

Great, keep up the updates.

Grand Opening is Oct 12

Professor Fabio Leopoldo has an amazing academy for BJJ, MT and MMA. I would highly recommend it.

Every BJJ class at Bas Rutten's Elite MMA in Thousand Oaks are taught by Rodrigo Carvalho (3rd degree black belt from Rio de janeiro. Great group of guys, classes usually average 12-24 students.