BJJ near Vernon Ca?

I will be in Vernon CA in the next few days. Can anybody recommend a good BJJ school nearby?


I think New Breed would be a good spot. It my not technically be THE closest school, but the closest school I personally would recommend (at least that springs to mind)--and getting there from Veron wouldn't be too bad. Traffic is everything in L.A.

They have kind of a dumb website, but John Ouano and Johnny Ramirez run a great school. Very good People too.


BTW, is Cobrinha's school near Vernon?

SpiderRicco - Thanks!

BTW, is Cobrinha's school near Vernon?

Not really.

Ive heard nothing but good things on New Breed but damn, what's up with their website? Felt like I was reading an infomercial. Phone Post

Can you say Master?

 website is horrible on teh eyes. definite infomercial site. couldnt tell if it was real or a troll :(

Vernon as in next to Huntington Park?!?!!? Don't stay there, it is completely industrial.

Closest Jits around there I would say is Tapout center in downtown (don't know who teaches) and there is a small place from which Howard Liu teaches as well.

If you are willing/have the time to drive 30-40 mins drive will get you to everything (including Cobrinha).


 still in vernon? take the time and come to gracie torrance and ck out the museum ,if you want to take some classes let me know so u dont pay.u work for farmer, john oscar meyer?

^Just found out that I'll be in Vernon during the week of the 20th, on business.

Not sure what you meant by farmer, john oscar meyer? Please specify?

 both of those bizs r in vernon,they provide  vernon unique  smell .just thought you might work for them

12, how the heck do you know about the smell? You either worked near there or lived near there.

Make sure you get a hotel in downtown, because there is absolutely NOTHING to do anywhere near veron (except for gentlemen's clubs). It is a short drive to Vernon from downtown(even with traffic, best to do it on surface streets). I'd recommend staying near the staples center or somewhere like the standard hotel (although that place has more of a scene during the summertime).

 worked a lot in vernon,made good money out there

12 -  both of those bizs r in vernon,they provide  vernon unique  smell .just thought you might work for them

Actually the company I work for contributes to the uniqe smell you mention earlier. We are a rendering company.

Probably hit cobrinha's, or Checkmat in la habra.

 la habra kinda a bitch to get to.javis old school?

Update: was only able to train 2 evenings. 1st was at Cobrinha's school, 2nd was at Kron Gracie's.

 did you meet rayon at corbrinha's ? ,the guy got the bjj fever