BJJ New Years Resolutions

I've always been one to make my resolutions simple and measurable. I want to ensure I follow through. So rather than giving myself some abstract goal like 'get in shape', I make it smaller and easy to stick to but lead to the ultimate goal...

Anywho.. Here are mine for the new year.

-25 push-ups everyday (easy to do and establishes a good habit)

-3 quick shoulder exercises everyday (I've had some issues with my shoulders, especially getting crushed trying to turn to my side or sleeping on my side)

-10 minutes of stretching every day

-limit beer to 1-2 times a week max (only on weekends)

-compete at least 4 times this year

I'm going to track this in a spreadsheet and attempt to do better that 90%. I'm posting this here so I can't back out. It's official once in gets on the forum. All these little things should make my jiu jitsu better, and that's my ultimate goal.

Anyone else have BJJ oriented resolutions?

Go waaay more often. I'm a senior student and should act accordingly.

Avoid fast food for an entire year!!!

I should probably limit beer too...LOL


Mit - Go waaay more often.

Make it measurable: Go 3 times a week, or Go 10 times a month...

That's the only way I can get stuff done. I'm real habit oriented. Once I establish a pattern or schedule, it's hard for me to deviate. The downside is, it's also hard to adapt and change habits (hence.. the beer resolution :o)..

Last years was to drop a weight class and compete.

I ended up gaining a weight class and not competing.

This year, my goal is to get back to my original weight class.

2 steps backward, 1 step forward. ...wait, what? :o)

Yeah. Wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

Though, I'm convinced most of it's muscle.

last year I made my BJJ resolution simple:

"move your hips"

this year it will be another simple one:

"fake south and move north" in all my sweeps, escapes and submissions