BJJ/NHB instructor in Ann Arbor

BJJ/NHB instructor in Ann Arbor wanted!!! Here's the deal I have a club that's just sitting there. I need someone to come and get a club started or something. It just seems like a waste to have a brand new dojo/gym go to waste! The rent is realllly cheep, all new equipment, prime location, wall to wall mats. There has got to be someone out there that's been think'n about opening a gym/dojo, well here's your chance!!! (only a fool would pass this up) any questions email me at

Aren't there already 3 clubs in Ann Arbor alone? I can think of U of M, Mecca, and Metro Fight Club. It seems like you should get in on those. I've seen some of those guys compete, and frankly I was impressed.

This is where Metro was! i have an idea!!