BJJ NUTS re a pride GP finnish ??

Can someone please explain the Minotauro sub on Yokio like a rolling head and arm/triangle of sorts. I saw it and it looked decent, however, it appears to be adapted from a gi move and I think YOKOI'S fatigue was a really important factor of this sub working.


Do you have a link to a video?

Hey Justin,

It's rather hard to explain but,... it's like a front arm enclosed/bulldog choke but you lock your arms rear naked choke style then spin under. Tried it last Friday on Jaje but the cheeky bugger saw it coming.

Hope that helps?

- Juggs

It was an arm triangle from North South. There is a good video explanation of the move at

I saw it and exactly know what it was but I think it is derived from a collar choke of sorts.

Basically NOG had sprawled out on HOKOI and then rolled into the hold with a head arm choke rotating to get the leverage on.



There's an instructional video clip of it at

first of all its not .com and yes you can download load an example from under side control. i tried it in training but yet to submit anyone with it.

in reality it is called the cobra clutch.

PS kingy have you ever submitted anyone

That was a front head and arm choke in the old parlance. It's a well used catch move. (Not a trolling effort, BTW)

I suspect people will be practicing their shots more after they see that.

Because I'm so anal-retentive, I checked out the Subfighter clip. That's the technique. It's under Head to Head and is called "Head n Arm Triangle Choke Setup From Head to Head"

Mino did the same thing, except finished it as a regular head and arm by bringing his hand up behind the ear, rather than walking his legs around.

I'm sorry. I'm bored and have a new ADSL connection

watch out Cobras or i'll submit you with my mask and whip.

Turn you into a Gimp

similar to dokonjonuske's "cyclone"

Justin, I think if anything it would be harder to do with a gi than without. It is definately not a collar choke.