BJJ on an MMA card?

On a local MMA card, what would you guys think of 1-2 BJJ super fights?

Last Sunday we did 2 BJJ bouts in the cage as part of our MMA card. No gi, submission only, 6 minute time limit.

Would like longer than 6 minutes, but felt it was just about what an MMA crowd may accept.

I personally love BJJ. Lots of great gyms in So Cal.

What do you guys think?

would be interesting, nice way to mix up a card, however like u stated casual fans unfortunately would grow restless... perhaps as the new fox crowd is educated in mma starting with this november card, a larger, more supportive group will rise that also would like to see this come to fruition on occasional cards around the U.S, i think it would be a welcome idea though

that being said, u know there will be those saying, well if there's bjj bouts on the card why arent there any muay thai bouts? or kickboxing bouts, etc...

great topic op ttt

I used to do it on a show. It works. Sometimes is a good time filler for people to get up and stuff. Phone Post

thats actually pretty great idea i'd say... mix up the combat a little, help anyone who is interested in watching it understand other aspects of what is included in MMA.

why not throw in some wrestling also/or? perhaps just straight Kickboxing as well?

really like the idea

edit: oorrrr what Omar said lol

As a fan,I think it`s a horrible idea.

 Depends on the crowd. 

Cool idea though.

Actually seen this happen. Guy gashes himself the night before a big show in Greenville, SC. Instead of pulling the bout, they set up a grappling match that turned out to be one of the more entertaining fights on a pretty good card.

They did it during some Pride FCs in Japan.

And it was done when the Garv faced off against tjmitch -- BJJ in a cage!

The crowd was definitely a bit more quiet, but no one booed or said anything disrespectful.

I got a lot of great feedback on the BJJ even from folks I know who don't train it.

A few friends asked why not Muay Thai or other stuff and I guess there is a point to that. I just feel well connected to the BJJ world in So Cal and enjoy it so that's how it started.

 It wouldn`t be as bad if done as an exibition during intermission.But having it as part of the card is a mistake IMHO.

Yeah, I've thought about doing the BJJ matches during intermission, but at the same time don't want to take away from them. But I understand the concept.

Thanks for all the thoughts!