BJJ or MMA in Columbus, GA

I am traveling for work in the Columbus area for the week. I will be staying in the area. I am looking for a decent school to train at. I don't care what you train Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, BJJ (GI or NOGI), Wrestling or whatever I am just down to train. My cell is 1-337-356-8643. I will train with anyone and help as much as I can. I am a BJJ Black belt under Rodrigo Medeiros and I am 7-2 as a pro MMA fighter. I weigh about 210-220 but I fight at 185. I am down to earth and cool no attitude just looking to train and chill on the mat. All calls appreciated.

"Crazy" Tim Credeur

  • this is the site to my gym if you need to verify my creditials. You can always look me up on sherdog under Timothy Credeur.

ttt - I know there someone out there!

If I had a gym in Columbus i'd let Crazy Tim train there because that's just the kind of guy I am :-)

I know that Master Bailey is somewhere in Georgia. Apparently he is 5-2 in death matches and he floats on air due to his lack of knee function. You should look him up. I think his website is

You ought to contact the main Alliance school in Sandy Springs.

I may be mistaken, but Jacare does some stuff down there and they may be able to hook you up.

ttt for crazy tim!

I am in Americus GA southeast of Columbus. If you do not find anyone you are more than welcome to drive down to train with us. We are around a little over an hour away.

I do know that there are a couple of Jiu-Jitsu schools in the area. I will look up there names and post them on here.

Ken Hudson

^^^ you beat me to it :-)


Check out Chattahoochee Valley Mixed Martial Arts across the bridge in Phoenix City, AL.

get ahold of Matt Larsen on the soldierground, theres some good guys down there right in columbus dude.




You can contact Keith Bach as well. He runs a school in Columbus. He is an Army Ranger and combatives instructor.

Make a thread to his attention and I am sure someone can get you his info. You can also email me at and I will give you his number. I am off to go train and will check back in a few hours.



ttt for Crazy Tim...

Tim, don't know how to check mail

i thought crazy tim fought at 205? at least the last time i saw you fight it was. good luck man. when will we see you in the ufc?

Up top for Crazy Tim. The guy is a wizard. If you get a chance to learn some BJJ from him take advantage of it.

You can reach either Matt Larsen or Keith Bach at the following email address or phone number.

Combatives Team 706-545-2811