BJJ over 40 group

I was just wondering who all out there is training in
BJJ and is over 40 yr. old. I am 47 and love BJJ.
I started playing with it years ago but just in the
last 4 years got serious.

Kirik and Gordon Hester are over 40, I think

I'm in the same boat. I started training more seriously about four years ago in BJJ. I'm much younger though - 42!

42, started at 37

For those of you who began in your 30s and are now in your 40s (my situation to come), could you please share some tips on how you progress while avoiding injury and properly recouperating in between training? I find I have to be much more careful with this stuff now than the teens and twenties are :)

Roy Harris just turned 42... but, I have about a few on him... I'm going to be 49 in a few months.

Started TMA at age 21... first exposure to BJJ ten years ago... trained a couple years, then trained JKD & FMA for a number of years with very little groundwork. I trained MMA/grappling for the last couple years... but started training with a good BJJ man a few months ago, and am invigorated.

With injuries, family responsibilities, and age I do maybe one MMA/BJJ class a week and hit the weights one day also.

I limit my training and try to stretch and lift to keep my body in decent shape... if only MMA/BJJ was around 25 years ago!


"If I knew I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of my body."

I started doing BJJ at age 40.5, got my blue under Rickson at 42, which I am now. And loving it... those young guys aren't so tough.

Whizzard thanks for thre inspiration.I was about to give up .I am 41 and got hurt mis diagnosed and that was 2 years ago still having pain and that was only my fifth class.Threads like this give me hope.

Funny thing is that I stay brusied all the time. My wife just laughs at me. I own and operate a Martial Arts school where I teach Karate, Kickboxing and BJJ. I love getting out on the floor and rolling with the younger guys and girls. If they tap me I do not care. They should, most of them are at least 10 years younger or MORE. I agree with one of the above statements, I wish BJJ had come to the U.S. 20 years ago. I know that I will never be a Gracie or Machado but I just enjoy doing what I do. The younger crowd have the chance to be better.

Just turned 40..still going to roll until I can't do it anymore.

I started at 52. I'll be 55 in June. I got my blue in 14 months and still can't get enough.

Damn gaittec... you da man. You're an inspiration to us younger guys!!! Seriously... maybe you make me think maybe I can hang in there 5-6 or more years.

My best to the rest of you "old guys". :)

Hang in there whipper snapper, you'll do just fine.

I heard about a 60 year old the other day who just got his black belt. I'll try to find out more.

I might mention that the Tennessee BJJ Federation will have a tourney in Knoxville May, 22 where the Master's Division is over 40.

Hey Gaitec!!! I remember Pedro Sauers bragging about a student of his who was a retired surgeon! He was in his 70's when he started. Pedro said that student was "a technician".

PS, I'll see ya in May!!!

There was a blue belt in a southern California tournament a couple years ago that was 72 and fighting in the masters division. He lost his match against a guy in his mid 30's, but he was given a standing ovation by the crowd. Very inspirational.

So glad to hear there are other guys out there my age or older. It gives me hope that I can keep doing this for many many years to come.

Keep on training men!

"...share some tips on how you progress while avoiding injury and properly recouperating in between training?"

I believe the answer is simple; you don't. ;-)

I think Danny Inosanto started at 58 or 59 years old. He's a black belt now.


Turning 49 this September.Just got the Purple from
Rigan Machado.Train as much as possible with someone
close to your own weight.Work on flexibility every day.
Add at least one day a week for weight training.


Good Advice: I promise myself to watch who I train with and make sure they are smooth with technique. But, I can't help myself sometimes. Tonight I weighed in at 198 and spared with a 300 lb white belt several times.

Jayhof: looking forward to seeing you guys. We are about
10 minutes from the venue on the same highway. You are welcome to visit and warm up for the tourney with us if you come in the night before. That goes for other forum members as well.