BJJ over 40 group

Im in the house!! 45 and still rolling, started at 39. I sure wish it would have been earlier. Ive been lucky to have GOOD TRAINING PARTNERS who understand where im coming from. Im still hungry for knowledge and love training. I take A LOT of "Aleve"

Train safe, but TRAIN !!!

Hey Gaitec, you're welcome to come visit us in Cleveland anytime you want. Come by and train - Saturday mornings are good. I know that guys your age wake up early, etc.etc.etc. ;)


OK,OK not that early. Thanks for the invite. I don't know when, but I'll make it some time.

Pushing 45 and Im in tha house!!!

My 2 favorite techiniques are:

1. Tapping vigorously
2. Taking ibuprofen or ALEVE

I'm turning 41 this year, still roll with all my students and my instructor who is a 275lb blacklbelt!!
I find that my body is sore only when I don't train on a reg basis!! I have old injuries from wrestling but I just keep trucking along!!


Vince at

Rene.r ,
I have yet to have any serious injuries( knocking on wood)

I roll with out ego, if Im caught I tap right away. Instead of trying to get
good at bieng Houdine with last second escapes, I work on not getting

I try not to roll with the ballistic crazy guy, or slow crazy guy or any of
the crazy guys.

I know the instructor eventually corrects them or weeds them out but
until then do your best to avoid them.

When rolling it is better if both people are concerned for each others
welfare and progress( your teammates) its not acceptable for some one
to say well he didnt tap( after hurting some one) unless its

Ok, how many of you guys did the Pan Am Games? I
entered the Senior III Blue division and took 2nd
place. There were only three of us in our weight
division. Some of the other divisions only had two.
Even if we are the older guys we still have a place in
the tournments. Get out there and enter and have fun.
I had a blast!!!

Congrats Rdragon: I'm thinking in terms of my first tourney experience in May. (1 mo. before I'm 55)

I am 51 now, started in '98. Got my purple two years ago. Feel like I suck at times, feel better other times.

Wish I was 30 years younger.

Hey guys, I am 46 started BJJ 10 months ago. I love it. I hope to compete until I am 50 or so then start teaching. I have a wrestling and judo background so I hope that with five years of bjj I will be qualified to teach. I just got my blue last week and guess what, within 10 minutes I dislocated my finger quite badly and havent been able to train since...oh well, no pain no gain. My biggest problem is that when I compete I always have to fight with the 18-30 age group as there is never anyone in my division. 140lbs. Good luck to all of you and yes the best way to avoid injury is to ALLWAYS stretch out. By the way, I took second place in the nationals and third in the NAGA worlds in my 10 months of bjj. Yes we can beat these kids...

45 and Im in the house ya'll
I have mastered only two techniques:

2. Taking "Aleve" for soreness


Wow Sled Dog and irish57:you guys are inspirational.

Hey Rick T (ole man!)

What are your two favorite techniques . . .

(grabs cane, again, and leaves . . . ;)

Nice stories, guys. I'm 42 and feeling younger with every post on this thread. Guys rolling in their 50's is awesome. That gives me another 10 years to enjoy, at least. Keep on rolling!

I have a 71 years old,one 60 and one 50 years old.

Pushing 45 and I am the KING OF GERITOL JIU JITSU!!!!
My game is three dimensional:
1. I get on the mat
2. I tap (often)
3. I go home and take some "Aleve"