BJJ over 50

I have been reading about the over 40 group, but what about the over 50 group. There is a big difference in 40 and 50. Any thoughts from anyone out there.

There's a few of us out here.

My thought is, DON'T SAY THAT. I'm seeing 50 on the horizon, and I want to live in my own little bubble world on Da Nile, where 50 is basically the same as 20 but with more back hair.

I train with a really good purple belt that is over 50. He trains hard, but smart and swears by fish oil.

Being 40 means you comb the long hair in back over the front of your head to cover your bald spot;

Being 50 means you comb the incredibly long nose and ear hairs(*) over your head to cover your entire bald head;

But being 50 in bjj means a bald head is ok.

I heartily recommend bjj for those over 50.

(*)This is somewhat true. While hairs fall off the "good" places in your body as you age, they begin to grow in all sorts of unexpected "bad" places, believe me.

52 here. I've definitely found my cardio's dropped the last 3 years, plus my knees and one elbow aren't getting any better.

I can still deal with young unskilled guys, but young guys blue and above with skill AND athleticism are making life hard.

^Better to tap out to a young blue belt than tap out to time.

Training smart and being consistant are two important factors in the over 50 crowd.

To not be as competitive was a hard ajustment for me.For the past ten years I have

been very fortunate and blessed to be training at the Rigan Machado school.

I am proud to say that one month before my 50th birthday I received a Brown belt.

I really do see myself training for another 20 years.I will have to get a spot for my

walker. Getting old is a fact.Stay positive and almost anything is possible.

Long Live Old Timers.



At 45 I just train lighter and spend more time on "maintenance" conditioning. Try to accumulate enough experience to be beyond the grappling skills of most young fellas. Then, enjoy huntin' em.

This post has made my day. Im creeping my way towards 50 (Im 47). Its good to know Im noy alone. Lets hear it for GERITOL JIU JITSU!!!!

Unfortunately I think "GJJ" is already taken.... ;) Don't want to get sued!
Team Geritol might be good :)

I just turned 50 last week. I'd echo what Jayhof said - I don't use BJJ as a means to get in better shape any more, but concentrate on skill development. General purpose conditioning is done at the gym, not the dojo. I do weights and cardio 3 times a week, roll twice a week and do yoga once a week. I feel great and can hang with the young guys. If I manage to avoid major injuries, I definitely will still be doing this at 60.

I am 50 and a purple belt and love it. I just can not roll 4 days a week.

I have to limit myself to 2 or 3 times a week. The body just can not
take the injurys anymore. It takes longer to recover. I also plan on
doing BJJ into my 60s and later. God willing.

Very inspiring thread. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Hell, being over 40 means fging to tournaments and asking competitors, "Is your dad here? Does he want to compete?"

I think the biggest impediment to rolling as you get older is weight gain.

Sure, it can take a little longer to heal, but you can spread out your classes to cope.

But as Americans, we LOVE our food and it is high in sugars, fats, and salts.

BJJ caused me to lose a lot of weight, but now my appetite is coming back, and it worries me.

We are way too wealthy a society and food is all around us and social events revolve around food (even the Superbowl - chips, beer, guacamole - think about it).

One fo my students is 54 and rolling hard with all the young guys 3-4 times a week. He is a tough motherfucker and just came back from winning the Worlds in Senior 2 (40-45) in his weight and the Open.

He is a big proponent of supplements (fish oil, koral calcium, and glucosamine)and conditioning (3-4 times a week).

All you young bucks,I wish I could only remember being 50. I retired from wrestling tournaments at 40,& after watching Royce, purchased a Paul Vielie instructional from Paladen Press. After that the quest for knowledge was on & I was on my way.

I have competed with some success in the open,30's & 40's.I've had a various injuries over the years,many of them were self induced. Now at 58,I am currently sidelined with another shoulder injury that came from nowhere,I woke up & suprise, there it was. I also have some medical concerns that the medications have greatly reduced my ability to roll because of fatigue. I still teach from 2 to 4 days a week.

In 1999, at the Gracie Nationals in Detroit,I met a grappler named Bill Martin from La Grange,Indiana,that was competing in the over 30 absolute class at 72 years of age.

I love this sport so much,I just can't quit,no matter how bad it hurts. Stay healthy,roll light when needed,take time off to heal as reguired,take your supplements,but above all,keep training.

This is what makes BJJ great....

I have a question for everyone on here. Do you do Gi, No Gi or both? Which one do you like the best and why?

Both,but I like gi the best