Bjj politics

Galvao made a big scene about the Miyaos. At first he was quiet about what happened, but when the Budo crew was there shooting a promo, they were focusing a lot on the Miyaos and Galvao got mad.

In front of everyone (apparently, this is from a friend who trains there), Galvao told Gui that the next time they go to SD to cross train, the Miyaos are not welcome. Gui got mad. They argued for a while and from that point on, AOJ didnt go to SD to cross train.

Generally, the Mendes Bros are the most liberal people for cross training with different teams. Galvao is cool with it too, but if you train there for a camp, he wants you to sign up as Atos. Both the Mendes Bros and Galvao will actively try to recruit you to their team if they train with you and think you're talented.


We had a kid at our barra affiliate that went to a birthday party at a competitors location... The instructor dogged out our affiliate and had the kid roll with one if there's to show how superior they were... Needless to say their guy got tapped so they bring out their stud who got tapped also

Could be proud daddy bs but the guy just mentioned it as an aside and seemed believable Phone Post 3.0