BJJ politics?

I left this message on another forum but have not recieved any answers. I'm just curios I keep hearing about "politics" in the BJJ comunity. Would anyone care to enlighten me? I don't know to much about it so I am curious. Thanks in advance.

Oh I see. I guess I am to naive to think that everyone got along LOL!! I thought that it was more towards Brazilian BB and American BB and/or the whole gi vs nogi thing.

Many BJJ instructors are territorial. If you were discovered training at another school, your instructor might bar you from his school and contact the other school and have you blacklisted there as well. Happens all the time.

The brazilians are all big time pro Bush. If they find out you voted democratic, they will choke you.

Why would one guy care who youtrained with in the past. What if you moved or something. What about you didn't like the school and wanted to switch? I want to start at a place but if they are all so worried about loyalty then WTF? I've also heard things about some instructers not caring to much about thier American students. I'm sure that it may happen but one would think they would behappy to have students with how much everyplace seems to charge. I think that $150 seems to be the average around here in SoCal.

I'm not going to name names but I'll give you a small instince of some of the shit I know of. I've had a lower level rep or associate (with their own school) of a certain 5th degree BB show interest in a seminar with my coach. Coordinated making the seminar happen only to back out because his instructor didn't like the idea or fealt threatened by it. I also know of an instance where some higher ranked BB's came from brazil to hold a seminar in the states, and two other BB's who reside in the US decided to call the INS, leading to one of the brazilians being removed by the feds. All due to a bs phone call. There's alot of people in this sport that take things too far all due to their greed and personal agenda. A lot of it is left never to be spoken of. I've also heard not from my coach but from his BB that americans don't recieve the best BJJ training etc. I dont want to go into details but you get the idea. It's not all one big happy family like most think.

There is a ton more politics in the actual gym, and during training that none of u guys even mentioned.

ive heard if u hole a tourney u have to pay the gracie schools if so theri students will compete- or something like that

Any MA politics is designed with one goal in mind:

"Don't go spend your money with that guy. Keep spending your money here."

That's the root cause of all of it.

Fuck that - spend your money wherever you want.


Greedy Brazilians, they can't help it it's in there 3rd world blood.
Who can screw who over first is the winner.


"Greedy Brazilians, they can't help it it's in there 3rd world blood."

Nah, its part of the whole MA industry.

"Who can screw who over first is the winner."

That's business.

The problem is they're screwing over their customers in an attempt to screw their competition.