BJJ Promotions

What rank in BJJ do you have to be to promote? Is it a BB can promote up to purple but it takes a 2nd degree BB to promote to Black? I guess my question is how far up can you promote when you get your BB? What rank does someone have to have to promote to Black too if another BB can't promote someone to their level?


I created my own system of Steve-Jitsu so that I could promote whomever I wanted at any time. Congrats Baldilocks, you are now a Steve-Jitsu shodan.


Steve will be a millionaire in 4 months.

Dougie you are now a nidan in Steve-Jitsu.

Kewl. Does this certify me to teach?

Thanks for the promotion but ttt for an answer.

I dunno, better ask Steve...

Dougie, you are a nidan. You are authorized to promote Cornholio if you feel he is worthy.

according to the confederation, you have to be 3rd I think to promote. In reality, once you reach your black belt you can promote whoever the hell you want, from blue to black. Plenty of guys are under ranked at bb, and have ranked lots of black belts (not that they should not be ranked higher, just that some guys just don't get striped for whatever reason, even though they should after so many years in the arts).

I will promote you Cornholio now that I have Grandmaster Steve's permission

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In Steve Jiu Jitsu we have many belts. Mostly to sell to the students. Pick one. =)