BJJ Referee Clinic Vancouver

With the Submission Series Tournament happening on the 16th of June in Langley, I will be putting on a referee clinic at my school in Vancouver June 9th at 12 noon. You must be a purple belt or higher to participate. We will be going over the rules of the CBJJ/IBJJF requirements.

This is open to all schools. With this new tournament taking place, we need the most qualfied peoples on the mats controlling the action. No more excuses of not knowing the rules, biased refs, complaints from coaches etc. I want this Submission Series to be fair and competitive. Pat Delaney (Megaton), Benito Seguira (Marcus) and myself have all taken the certification course under the CBJJ/IBJJF requirements so with their help and the help of other we will make this the best and biggest tourney on the West Coast.

There is no fee for this course. We will go over all the rules and answer any questions about the rules and regulations. This should take 2-3 hours so please be prepared.

Email me at to register. If no other teams commit to this course there will be no excuses when you see all my purple and brown belts on the mats reffing. Here is our chance to bring up the level of coaches and refs to ensure our sport grows in a positive and progressive manner.

Thanks for all your help and support,

Tim Shears

Gracie Barra Vancouver

244 E. Broadway St.

Vancouver BC

Excellent, count me in.

TTT for the Clinic! Nice Job Tim!

I'll do my best to make it down from Kelowna. it is a bit hard to make it down for the 9th and the 16th.

Hey Tony,

Don't worry about coming in for this. Its alot of travel. Just go to You can print off a pdf and go over it. If you have any questions you can call me or email and I can answer them.

Thanks for your help Tony, looking forward to seeing you again.


I'm getting some good response to this course. Make sure you email me and confirm your presence.

TTT should be a great tourney and very well organized

The ref course is an excellent idea that all regions in Canada should consider organizing. Good show Tim! WIn NB we had a seminar with Professor Moreira today and he was good enough to stay late and go over the rules of tournament competition to avoid future confusion at local events. When I am out in BC again I hope to stop by and see your school.

PS Hi to Tony!


Great response for this first ever referee course.

Its tomorrow at 12 noon.

Here are directions:

Gracie Barra BC
244 E.Broadway St.
Vancouver BC Canada