BJJ Referee Course in Toronto April 1st.

Veteran International referee, Andrew Correa will be conducting a referee Clinic / Course on behalf of the OJA at the Ontario Open. Whether you want to become certified here in Ontario to referee, or just want a better understanding of the rules and point system, Andrew's teachings and experience as a high level referee will help to guide you through the course. The course will touch on techniques, points, illegal techniques and most importantly, transitions for points. There will also be a Q&A for positions you are not sure about, Andrew can help clear those questions.

Andrew has worked for all the major BJJ and Grappling companies such as IBJJF, ADCC, Abu Dhabi, Grapplers Quest. This course will leave you better prepared as a Referee, Coach, or Athlete.

When : Friday, April 1, 2011
Place : Seneca College , Building G.
Time : 6pm – 10pm
Cost : $50 cdn.

Please make your reservation email back to with Referee Clinic in the subject, we have limited the course to 30 persons, so everyone has a chance to ask questions.
You will receive an OJA book with rules to follow.

6:00 - Start and Introductions
6:30 - Important rules in the rules book, positions and points system.
8:00 - 15 minutes break.
8:15 - Questions , show positions , recreate positions.
9:00 – Writen Test and Video Test.
10:00 – Finish.



Couple more spots available. e-mail us to reserve your spot.