BJJ/Sambo/ Leglocks

Guys, just for background I'm a black belt in judo and experienced purple belt in bjj. I like to take several months at a time to try to add pieces to my game (focusing on side, or turtle, etc.).

I have blown off leg locks for years, wanting to really reach a certain level of efficiency in passing, upper body control and submissions, positional wrestling etc.

So, that being said, I'm getting the itch to spend some time adding leglocks to my game.

I have a few leglocks VHS tapes :-)

I have Igor Yakimov tapes, Tony Ceccine's, and I think that's about it. They are old and I haven't watched them in years.

Does anyone have any recommendations for leglocks? I prefer gi but if it's non gi I'll look to modify.



He just released a 5 DVD set earlier this year on nothing but leg attacks/counters/ and defenses.

Check out Johnny Huskey of Shooters Gym.

Stephan Kesting's videos are good

Gokors leglock dvd is excellent.
Reilly Bodycomb also just came out with a leglock DVD.
Anyone seen it yet?

Roy Harris BJJ 101 Volume 3 is the most complete resource I've ever seen for beginning leglocks: it shows a number of ankle, knee, and hip submissions, starting with the mechanics to each. Then it breaks down minor control positions, shows a series of entries to each lock/CP, some counters, some combinations, and some unique training methods.

If you're thinking of specializing in either of these, I also recommend:

1) Stephan Kesting's Dynamic Kneebars

2) Roy Harris Heel Hook Seminar

vincent fields.

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Erik Paulsons three tape set and Gokors are the best ive seen IMO (I havent seen the new set though, just his older ones)....Also if you could get your hands Vincent Fields seminar tape which is pretty old, it has alot of information on it with a pretty good break down of each move.

I like Gokor's set. Once you get that you will be okay for a long time.

Stephan Kesting's stuff is great. There is also a new DVD coming out soon by Reilly Bodycomb on Sambo Leg Locks:


Hey Sly, how are you? Hope all is well!

Thanks guys, I forgot I have Karo's sieres but haven't even looked at it yet.

Look up Tony Lopez's old Panther stuff. He is sadistic. One of his old students is a friend of mine, and has sick leg locks.

If you only get one tape get the Lopez Circle. Then you will understand why I say he is sadistic.

^^^I have that one... the "Tony Lopez combo". 43 taps in one combination. It's crazy. And then in slow-mo. And then from the side. And then from the side in slow-mo.

The tape is horrible, but I show it to people for the comedic value.

"And just remember...every time Tommy taps, something is being broken."

The Mat Pimp - Check out Johnny Huskey of Shooters Gym.

Did he put out a DVD?

"Look up Tony Lopez's old Panther stuff. He is sadistic. One of his old students is a friend of mine, and has sick leg locks."

I have em...didnt care to much for em

Reilly Bodycomb is a stud.

JW Wrights - "Best of Leg Locks and Hooker disposal"

changed my game, and saved me years in prison

Gokor Chivichyan Sambo and Judo Extrodinaire.
An Entire Set at

rigan machado has a nice set on bjj leglocks

Shadallion, there are no professionally done DVDs, but that said there are about 4-5 DVDs worth of footage floating around of Johnny training guys and Pops Wicks giving some pointers and history.

The most interesting thing on the discs are the toeholds and other leglocks, some of the entries are totally different than you see in jiujitsu circles.