BJJ School Grand Opening June 1st!

I would like to announce the grand opening of the Schilling Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu Academy starting June 2nd

Location: Shin Bu Kan Judo Club 2359 Royal Winsor Dr. Unit #11 Mississauga Ontario

Large Spacious 3,3000 sq. ft. Facility

2,100 sq. ft. of Judo Tatami Mats

Walls Covered with 8ft. High, 6" in. Thick Crash Mats

Air Conditioned

Large Change Rooms and Showers for Men and Women

Classes Mon and Wed 8:00 to 9:30
Sat 3:00 to 4:30
Cost is $99. per month

Please contact Scott Schilling

Good luck Scott and all the best bro.


Nice !!!


How far from King and Dufferin?

Good luck Scott sounds great!


lol@rock_o, how far from King and Dufferin. My friend,
King & Dufferin is Toronto; Scott's club is
Mississauga, they're far apart. Did you send your
friend to the club that's just down the street from

rock-o (Brandon LEE) u idiot wrong city hhahaha

No, I haven't sent him yet. I don't know much about Mark Stables, so I'm a little hesitant.

Well all you (and your friend) have to know is that
it's a legitimate bjj club, and that the instructor(s)
have legitimate credentials. I've never been to Mark's
club, but I know first-hand that he's legit - he beat
my ass on the mats once at a local tournament as did
others from his, and what's great for your
friend is that it's a stones-throw from where he

Another local club (a wee bit further) is Shah Franco
Martial Arts. Easy access by street car and subway
from where your friend is, I'd say 1/2 hour tops to
get to Shah's club. 3385 Yonge Street, four streets
north of Lawrence Ave W.

Sorry Scott. Great news about the new club - I've
written the addy down, and if I'm ever out your way
I will definitely stop in and train with you.

ttt for Scott's new club and a Behring affiliate.

Dear Scott

I will be there on the 30 of May. I am happy you landed somewhere that will give you the oppotunity to grow as a teacher and your students. All the best.


Wayne-O ....Thanks alot for your help!! I really appreciate it!!!!

ttt for Scott



Your very welcome rock_OoooooooooooOOOooooo!!!!

Good Luck Scott, we wish you all the best!!

Team Ronin MMA


Thanks guys! I Look forward to seeing you there

Schilling Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Instructor: Scott Schilling

Brown Belt 2nd Stripe

Sylvio Behring Team

9 Years BJJ Experience



TTT 4 the man!