BJJ Schoolgrl thread

Hey! hOW ARE YA?


Lol Evilsorta. Would be a good link if I wasn't so computer illiterate and was able to get bit torrent working. Oh well, guess I'll never be a computer ninja... :-)

Hiya Gorgeous!

I'm great, still can't believe I'll never have to sit, sleep, or skip another high school class again. Now that it's over kinda drifting in a sea of confusion trying to figure out what to do next year... hard to decide (anyone with advice, much appreciated!).
Other then that- just training and working as much as possible.
How about you? Any more attacks by intelligently challenged arsonists in your area? ;-)

Cheers, Maryanne.

hey that link isn't bit's for streaming movies on site like youtube and what not. no internet ninjary involved ;)

I know your puter skills lol

here's another link....a christmas link even....

Lol. Wow, really fun for the whole family in that last link! Very Christmas-ey... but why did Rudolf have to die? :-(

because santa was suss on him.......der.

no wait...let me rephrase that.....

because santa was suss on him.....rain der boom boom

sigh sorry...but it's i have an excuse.

Where were you tonight slacky? Chris Chalmers gave us all a pasting. We needed you to come and triangle choke him out. CC getting tapped out by a chick. Gotta see that!

Hiya James,

Sorry, my bad! Had a bit of an afternoon sleep before Shootfighting. No excuse though- consider me hanging my head in shame :-)

CC is huge! Once I learn to stop getting back choked by him, then I'll think about triangling him.
So you see, his days are numbered... only a matter of time... ;-)

See you later and all the best with training- especially if your grappling me, 'cause you'll need it :-p

Cheers, Maryanne.


Next time CC back chokes you, footlock him and tell him I said hi.... ;)



I will say hello to him for you via a footlock with pleasure. I know I will pay but what the heck, gotta find some dirty tricks to beat him somehow. Maybe I can footlock him whilst Maryanne triangle chokes him. Better chance of success that way.


Hiya Gerald,

Thanks for the advice... will do my best :-)

Cheers, Maryanne.

Hey Gerald

Are you still teaching classes at Coops Gym in Brisbane?


Hey Maryanne,

Do you use MSN?


Yep, can't get enough of it :-)

What's your address, if you don't mind me asking?

Is it possible for you to put yours up?



AND HAPPY NEW EAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (GBB)

Merry Christmas to the rest of you.