BJJ schools in Mass/RI???

I'm gonna be visiting and staying with family in New Bedford & Fall River, MA as well as East Providence, RI. I know they are very close to each other. Are there any BJJ/MMA schools in those or close to those areas?



I have a BJJ school in Providence and welcome all traveling Bjj'ers when they're in town. Please visit for the location and contact information.

Thank You,

Tim Burrill
Tim Burrill Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
(formerly RIBJJ)

i live in east providence and i train
with tim burrill,you will not find a better place
or a better instructor.let me know if you need any
directions or anything since you'll be right in my

Hey Portuguese2002.

I Live in New Bedford and I train with Tim Burril in RI, I have my basement all matted and I train at home on weekends with two brown belts, one purple belt and a white belt, if you want you are more than welcome to come by and train at my house just send me an e-mail at

I live near the hospital buttonwood park area, hope to see you..


You also have JBA in Fall River. If you want no gi, this is by far the best place.

sweet, thanks guys, you'll hear from me very soon!!!


I just checked out your website Mr. Burrill and your club is just perfect (in curriculam and location).
Thanks so much


Excellent! I'll look forward to seeing you on the mat soon. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about finding the school or the schedule.

Also, I hope that you'll get a chance to meet T-Dog and Leo during your visit, great guys and fun to roll with.

Thank you,